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Week 12 Stats have been posted

***Upcoming Local Events***

January 16th - Hoovers LOD
January 25th - SAL LOD
January 26th - Tri-County Youth Dart Workshop
January 26th - NJ State Championships
January 27th - Pat's LOD
February 3rd - LOD/Fundraiser for Munson
February 16th - DPNJ Event #1
February 23rd - 2019 NJ Cricket Championship
April 27th - Darts for Dreams
April 27th - DPNJ Event #2
May 18th - DPNJ Event #3
August 17 - DPNJ Event #4
September 21st - DPNJ Event #5
November 23rd - DPNJ Grand Finals

See events tab for flyers, facebook event pages and more information